Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sign Sealed and Delivered

Time is flying!! Our Gotcha Day has been one month ago, we traveled in June to reunite with our twin girls – Amazing! 
Here we are Baby
Signed, Sealed , Delivered, I’m yours
You got my future in your hands. 
Four more Hands, Four more Feet, Our Family is now Complete. 
Keath and Teresa made an Awesome Welcome Home Banner!!!!!
The girls were marvelous on our journey home – way better than I ever imaged.  As they say Zoom Zoom America.   We made it home safely and tired.  We are settling in for a Wonderful Life.  More to come. 


  1. Congratulations!! They are so beautiful!!

  2. Congrats on making your family complete with these lovely girls. Considering how parallel our adoption journeys started, I kind of feel like this is the end and the beginning of an era for me, too.